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I went to my highschool reunion and took a good many digital pictures. I then uploaded them to my server and created a homepage where classmates could go view them. The one classmate using a MacIntosh is getting 404's when everyone else is having no problems. I'm not Mac savvy enough to advise my classmate what to do

His email address is gardel@bignet.net (gary wolter) The webpage I want him to be able to view is www.cybernet2k.com/socrates (this has a button linking to the index of picture files)

Anyone feel like helping ?

-- jerry houle (socrates@cybernet2k.com), October 04, 2000


Hi there,

I took a quick hop over to your website and quickly discovered the source of the problem :)

On the page you directed me to:


you have a button (labelled HERE!) with a link to:


That URL contains a backslash (\) which is not correct. You should only use forward slashes (/) in URLs. The PC will not have a problem with the backslash because it recognizes this as a valid pathname delimeter, however the Mac does not (and technically since \ is not part of the spec for URLs the Mac is correct and the PC is not being strict enough :D)

In any event... what is happening is that when you get to this page:


and you try to click on one of the links, the web browser on the Mac thinks that the files should be located in:


because it thinks that GALLERY\IMAGE.html is actually the name of a file, and not the name of a folder, and then a file within that folder (i.e. GALLERY/IMAGE.html). So the web browser tries to load, for example, this image:


and fails - by reporting a 404 (file not found).

That file, and the other images like it, are actually located here:


As far as I can tell all of the other links on your site are correct - but this one fatal mistake, the use of the backslash in that first link, is throwing everything out of whack. Change it to a forward slash and you'll be back in business :)

Let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks for reading!


-- Evan Trent (etrent@atpm.com), October 05, 2000.

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