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What sort of remedies did you grow up with for fighting ye olde common cold that you still swear by? I still believe a virus is well fought with chicken noodle soup (which i refuse to eat unless i'm sick) and Vitamin C makes a cold more bearable if nothing else.

Maybe i'll become a believer in this Korean soup.

What do you do?

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), September 27, 2000


I usually don't get sick, and when I do I decide it was all my fault and start eating vegetables and fruit instead of fast food to make up for the months of vitamin shortage that I must have suffered before. I also try lots of medic things sold everywhere to see if they work... Tablets, vitamins, etc... But then it has to be bad...

Or call it lack of sleep and sleep for 20 hours in a row.

If I do have a cold and my nose is completely locked, I might try sniffing some salt water, more or less like a junk would do with coke. It sure gets something out of your nose but it burns like hell.

God bless and get well soon.

-- Wim Van Oudenhove (wim.van.oudenhove@pandora.be), November 22, 2000.

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