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What is the difference between the Steering Board vs Advisory Committee vs Working Group vs Core Project Team?

-- Oleg Petrov (, September 24, 2000


Steering Board vs Advisory Committee vs Working Group vs Core Team: 1. Steering Board (optional) - Gateway MoU Partners plus distinguished representatives of the private sector and civil society (one from each, elected by the Advisory Committee) - decides on the overall strategy for Country gateway as national e-development program (where applicable - maximalist case/proactive strategy only). Meets as convened by the Project Manager or one of the Board members. 2. Advisory Committee (high-level working group) - High-level representatives of Gateway partners (CEOs, deputy CEOs, managers) - makes recommendations to Project team leaders/later on Gateway NGO management on strategy, content, governance, partnerships and funding issues. Meets as often as needed (convened by the project manager/team leader); ongoing online discussions. 3. Working Group - technical representatives of Gateway partners, divided into Focus Groups/functional&thematic task teams facilitated by Gateway coordinators. The idea is that the InfoDev grant will cover the costs of most people (upon submission of specific deliverables) who will actively participate in the activities of the Working group both full-time (Core Project Team of functional coordinators) and part-time - advisors and specialists, all of which need to be listed in the Grant proposal. 4. Project Team - core project team which is hired directly by the Grant recipient upon transfer of the money. It may consist of (based on exisitng practice): Project Team Leader (Project Manager) and task team leaders/coordinators, e.g as follows: Strategy Coordinator/Team Leader of Strategy Team Content Coordinator/Team Leader of the Content Team Business Plan Coordinator/Team Leader of the Business Planning Team Partnerships Coordinator (optional) Technology Coordinator (optional)

One of them should act as Deputy Project Manager/Team Leader.

-- Oleg Petrov (, September 24, 2000.

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