Favorite Season?

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My favorite season is spring. What's yours?

-- Becky (becky-says@diaryland.com), September 23, 2000


Autumn is my favorite season and, despite our rain on Friday, I celebrated the equinox in my own fashion. For me, it marks the end of the renlentlessly long days of summer which are worsened for me by daylight savings time. In fall, there is death, but I perceive it as the conclusory death which comes at the end of fullness and fruition. I find that much easier to accept than the premature death of which there is so much in the spring--new growth killed by frost, breeding animals and their young dead in the road, pretty flowers cut and put in vases to die on desks and tables without polinating. While I don't care for the cold of winter, that is my time of spiritual rest and renewal.

-- Wendy Kimbel (spam@beckysays.com), September 25, 2000.

As a passener on the SAD train, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is all too real, my very favorite season is Spring -- The bursting forth of new life and energy, the vibrant colors, the clouds starting to amass those summer towers of clouds -- and the warmth, a blessing.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), September 25, 2000.

I wrote something about my favourite season, fall, a while back, so I hope it's all right just to put the link in here. If it isn't Becky just email me a rap on the knuckles.:-) http://ingleside.on.ca/coffeenews/wilmasword2/page9.html

-- Wilma (coffeenews@ingleside.on.ca), September 26, 2000.

In Texas I have 2 favorites. Spring and Fall. Spring I get to plant flowers. Fall I am praising the end of hot hot hot dry dry dry. :-)

I hate brown grass so I don't like summer.

Let's see if I can code my url. lol The Chattering

-- Bonnie (rabble@express-news.net), September 27, 2000.

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