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My day was pleasant. How was yours?

-- Becky (, September 22, 2000


I started out dipping my feet in cold water at the pool, and lying about the temperature of it as I slowly walked to chest high. :-)

Then dumbbell apparently overdid with the dumbells (2 lb.) and spent the rest of the day with eu de Ben Gay and muscle relaxer on the couch watching the Judge shows. (hubby said how can you watch hours of those? I said the same way you watch hours of sports). lol

Now I am back here listening to Charlotte Church CD wishing my headache would leave and take my shoulder pain with it.

But otherwise it has been a great sun shiny day (98 degrees)and humid and I stayed in air conditioning. :-)

Well you asked...;-)

-- Bonnie (, September 22, 2000.

And I'm glad you answered! By the way, I love Charlotte Church, too. What a glorious voice that young lady has!

-- Becky (, September 22, 2000.

Bonnie I knew it was you about ten words in. Like Bonnie my pleasant and happy times are interlaced with spells of immobility and efforts to relieve pain. Those attempts leaven all the good stuff going on which I nevertheless manage to appreciate and enjoy. The discofort is alwaays there to one degree or another depending on what foolish thing I have attempted. Old age ain't for sissies.

-- doug (, September 25, 2000.

Well, yesterday was stupid day for me. I got up in the morning, did a couple of things on my computer and decided to check my email before leaving to deliver this week's Coffee News. An email came up with a strange address which looked like advertising. I pressed the delete button and immediately my computer crashed. I tried rebooting, no luck. I shut it down, rebooted, and only got to the login part. Total panic on my part! I had just finished my 150-page cookbook and hadn't backed it up. (Plus the changes I'd made to my site and work's site). The whole day was anxiety ridden. When I got home, I started Tim's computer up. (We are networked.) There my files were! Phew! Total relief! Tim called and said maybe I would have to reload Windows NT. Then he said to take my keyboard off and plug his in to see if it may have been the keyboard. Guess what? (Blush, blush)The keyboard was unplugged! And that was MY day.

-- Wilma (, September 26, 2000.

You are a glutton for punishment! Today I had a cup of coffee and a cup of tea before pool time... that eliminated exercises for a full hour! Ever try to get a wet bathing suit back up? The foot didn't like some of the positions I had it in the water too, slowest jumping jacks I ever saw.

Then I head off in beautiful weather to nice little old church on the southside. Ever hear of an Acer? This is the second one I have encountered and boy are they dogs! It boots up like molasses in Jan. and then comes up in 'safe mode'.

So I took a peek in control panel display settings and stupidly touched the resolution... mistake mistake. Never got stuff back, all color pictures now distorted..sigh

Tried 5 times to download Netscape so I could show them Composer, need I say it didn't work?

Otherwise it was a fun day. Dishes are done any way.

-- dabee (, January 26, 2001.

New month another how was your day... ticked my hubby off because I sat out and dug thistles and did a little trimming just as he was coming in from hours of trimming.. He says the only way to keep me down is to sit on me!

Well hey the guilt of watching him do what I should of been was tearing me up! Besides the weather was perfect. :-)

-- bonbee (, February 15, 2001.

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