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When you go out and you're in a bar, surrounded by great music and good friends, are you more the type to sit down and chat, or are your feet tapping so much that they practically yank you onto the dance floor?

If the music is within my tastes (and those are varied, believe me!), and there's a dance floor and at least one other person is willing to get up... Oh just TRY to keep me in my chair.

I have to be pretty damn tired or sick to not want to dance.

-- Sherry (, September 21, 2000


It depends on the music and the scene. Unless I am at a wedding I will not dance to "canned" music (read: CDs etc). If I am at a concert or a club to see live music, I am more than likely gonna shake my booty :)


-- Scully (, September 22, 2000.

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