Dream Stories?

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I've told you about a dream I had that came true. Has anything like that happened for you?

-- Becky (becky-says@diaryland.com), September 20, 2000


I don't talk about my dreams often. They can be pretty frightening. I have been told that I have ESP or whatever. The first time I remember a particularly vivid dream, I was 8 years old. I dreamt I was standing in my best friend's living room looking down at her in a coffin. I woke up screaming and my mother told me it was just a nightmare. 10 days later my friend drowned and she was "laid out" in her parent's living room. This has happened to me many times over the years, including dreaming about my baby daughter's death, and my father's and having them happen within a week in my daughter's case (SIDS) and within 8 hours with my father. I also woke up one night needing to call my son - I dreamt something had happened to him. Before I could call our phone rang. He had been in a car accident and his vehicle had rolled three times. Luckily, because he had his seat belt on, he wasn't badly hurt. Anyway you can see why I don't like to talk about my dreams.

-- Wilma (coffeenews @ingleside.on.ca), September 22, 2000.

A few times I have had dreams that came true, and they have been dreams of unpleasant events. I have never felt privileged or lucky to have dreams like that. They have though, made me more thoughtful and expressive of my love and concern to those I love and care for. In a micro-second they are no longer with us - - too late, too late to tell them how important and loved they are.

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), September 25, 2000.

A happy dream story:

I dreamed my friend DJ was pregnant but figured it was just because I knew they had quit using birth control. When I visited with her and her husband that weekend, I happened to lean close to her face when I bent to pick something up from the floor near her chair. I looked at her and saw something different, a memory from my dream. I said, "Are you pregnant?" and before she could reply, her husband started jumping up and down saying "I didn't tell! I didn't tell." It answered the question.

-- Wendy Kimbel (spam@beckysays.com), October 05, 2000.

I tell a dream story here, at the end of the very long entry.

I used to dream that I was sailing on the ocean, and I would always wake up to find that I had wet the bed. Of course, that was when I was a kid. Ahem.

-- Gina (piehumble@yahoo.com), October 11, 2000.

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