Jupiter Project @ The Sky Bar 9/23

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We are changing the name of shred's "back to school" week of shows to "BACK TO COOL" for this special evening... if you are looking for a piece of fun, this is where you'll want to be...

9 pm (sharp!) the sky bar 518 somerville ave., somerville 623-5223

21+ $5

join us for the official debut of drummer jim uzdarwin (formerly of the naked sams)!

also appearing: 10 pm * MISHIMA * http://www.frictiondesign.com/mishima/ 11 pm * THE BOY JOYS * http://www3.shore.net/~pakelley/boyjoys/ 12 pm * CALENDAR GIRL * http://www.calendargirlrock.com/

OTHER INTERESTING NEWS we're still not quite sure why this happened (one of those events that seems hazy the morning after), but somehow, the project has gotten involved in what appears to be a soft-core, well you know what word comes... basically, they were filming downstairs from our practice space, and they asked us to come up and be quiet for a little bit while they were filming a scene (they're all musicians, too, so they know what it's like, man)... jonny went downstairs to help out, and the next thing we know, they're taking pictures of us... http://www.altsexmovie.com/journal/index.html check out the journal date for Sept. 13 (as soon as they update it) and you will see the first photos of the project's new lineup...

-- jonny, sue & jim the jupiter project -- http://www.thejupiterproject.com -- while the project site is under construction, see us on Eric's Boston Rock Photos http://members.tripod.com/Eric261/jupiterproject.htm -- if you'd like to stop receiving these emails, reply to hugo@thejupiterproject.com

-- The Deep Heaven Crew (deepheaven@magnetomotive.com), September 17, 2000

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