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I live in a relativly small community outside of the D.C area. The CNM'S in the area would like to help to create a Doula service for our poor and under-served clients that cannot afford such a service other-wise. We would like some help in gathering a developed curriculum for the purpose of pulling together this service. Our point of service is a hospital setting.

-- Beverly Johnson (, September 13, 2000


Hi Beverly, Sorry it took so long to get an answer to you! There is a book out that will guide you, it is called: Doula Programs: How to Start & Run a Private or Hospital-Based Program with Success! by Perez & Thelen. You can get it at This is run by Paulina Perez who cowrote the book and is wonderful at helping doulas.

Take care- Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, November 19, 2000.

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