collation error : LUSENET : ISP Quality-of-Service Monitor : One Thread

i have been using your collation scripts version 0.4.

i find when packet loss for servers in the states are at 100% ( been the case in brisbane today ), the graphs that plot ping times start to go negative in value. if i look at the .dat files the new values are negative. this is for both aus and us average ping.dat files, even though the high packet loss was only on the us servers.

i dont know if you have had the same problem, but todays graphs indicate syd/melb did not have the packet loss brisbane bpa did today, when measured from my link (sometimes congested)

while i have managed to modify your scripts to get them to run in the paths i want them to, debugging this one is beyond my skills.

if you have then time....i would be interesed if you have a solution.



-- ross (, September 13, 2000

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