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Hi all shutterbugs, I'm a biginner (thought I learnt photography 10 years ago, but died interest due to student finacial problems & now picking up again !), just bought a Nikon F80 with a 50/f1.4 lens, going to get a Nikkor 18-35 (F3.5/F4.5)(new) & or 24-85(F2.8/F3.5)(new) Nikkor 24-120 (F3.5/5.6)later (if I strike 4D this weekend).

My questions are: 1) which lens should I got 1st ? is 18-35 worth buying for travel shot ? 24-85 vs 24-120, which one better ?

2) Like to add a tripod, which brand/model should I get (not too exp, not too big and suitable for travel)

3) Question for Mr Wee, Tibet or Australia Desert in Octocber, which one will u choose for shutterbug killing ? why ?


-- KS Chen (, September 09, 2000


Slik has some light and good quality tripods, provided you don't have big and heavy lenses. Easy to set up and light for travelling. I've never been to Tibet or Australia but I would go for Tibet for its colour and variety of subjects.

-- Wee Keng Hor (, September 11, 2000.

i heard that the 24-120 is a "soft focus" lens and 24-85 didn't fare well on consumer reviews.

but if a one try looking at the 28-105

i personally use only 1 zoom and 2 primes. 50mm F1.4 + 24mmf2.8 + 80- 200 f2.8.

hvane't been to tibet but would like to in australia and have taken resonable amount of pictures there. you may like to know that the colour mardi gra is on in sydney beginning of march and so is the Australian Grand prix in melb around the same time.


-- brandon (, January 12, 2002.

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