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Welcome to the Photokina 2000 discussion board!

Learn about and discuss new products introduced at this year's Photokina! Photokina is the World's Fair of Photography, held every even-numbered year in Cologne (Koln) Germany. This is where the manufacturers usually make their biggest announcements because of the worldwide audience.

This year we can expect an unprecedented number of digital product introductions, but we are also anticipating numerous new products in the traditional silver-based photography arena.

Because this is the first Photokina where digital will play a pivital role, I've decided to start this forum.

Here is where you can go to find news and new product announcements (manufacturers are welcome to post brief notices with links to further details on their sites) and to discuss these products. Ideally, we'd like to see:

-Individuals posting their reactions to new products. We are especially interested in the observations of anyone who got to see and handle or (better) use any new products at Photokina or immediately before and after.

-company reps checking in to find out what people are saying about their products, to help with factual information and to correct any misinformation that may be given.

-questions and wish lists for equipment you'd like to see at Photokina 2002!

Have fun, Mason

-- Mason Resnick (bwworld@mindspring.com), September 08, 2000

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