Unique features of Country Gateways

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What is unique about Country Gateways?

-- Oleg Petrov (opetrov@worldbank.org), September 08, 2000


 CGs will be unique due to their global reach, eventually covering all the countries of the world and initiating dialogue among all sectors of the development community within a country and at a global level.  CGs will have high degree of centralization in terms of technology. which will allow enormous savings on technology costs.  CGs will facilitate local outreach to help connect every village and every community to the digital economy.  CGs will assure unique access to a rich diversity of views and comprehensive coverage of topics and communities due to their strong partnership focus. This will create knowledge flow from all directions  facilitating access to top quality content.  Similarly, CGs will address the challenge of harmonization of different data sources on development activity and will provide resources for distilling and sharing of best practice in specific development problems. CGs will promote further transparency and donor coordination and lighten the load of country officials who manage aid programs in their countries.

-- Oleg Petrov (opetrov@worldbank.org), September 08, 2000.

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