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What is the relationship between Country Gateways and the Global Development Gateway?

-- Oleg Petrov (, September 07, 2000


Country Gateways (CGs) are country level partners of the Global Development Gateway (GDG) and will serve as portals to specific countries by mobilizing local content and engaging local stakeholders. The CG portals will be structured according to the GDG guidelines and will share a common taxonomy. The CG portals will bring together country communities through common standards and technology.

GDG will provide Country Gateways with technical architecture, templates, access to information and data, online training, best practice support, knowledge management and other resources. In return, CGs would be expected to adhere to basic technical rules of GDG, provide country content to it, have a common "feel" to their websites with the GDG brand.

-- Oleg Petrov (, September 07, 2000.

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