What kind of benefits have you heard of at other companies ?

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I've heard of companies offering some really unusual benefits lately.

-- Anonymous, August 30, 2000


Hmmm...lets see, quartely profit sharing checks,insurance effective date of hire,paid tution,sign on bonuses,matching 401K,discount tickets for skiing,concerts.

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2000

Excellant insurance plans, 401K matches, profit sharing, Christmas bonuses, tuition reimbursement, flexible work schedules (which we do seem to have), 4 day work weeks, company outings (not at someones home - which was very nice of the people who have done this, by the way), activities commitees, extra vacation time for years accumulated, rewards for years of service, rewards for meeting deadlines. I could go on an on!

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2000

I have heard of one company that will contribute $6 for every $1 that is put in the 401k up to 6percent of the employees salary. Most companies will pay overtime if it is worked eventhough there was a holiday or vacation time was taken during the week. A lot of companies are starting employees with 3 weeks of vacation then adding an additional week after 10 years. Some companies are even starting with more that 3 weeks. Most companies don't make the employee pay for their long and short term disability. Most companies contribute more to health and dental insurance. Some companies are offering health club memberships, flexible hours, discount tickets to theme parks, movies, etc. Some companies offer bonuses or profit sharing, stock purchase plans, flexible spending accounts.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2000

Guess we're not like other companies

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2000

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