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I'm being pursued for an "estimated" shortfall and it's not small! I know the stress and the sleepless nights that come with it but believ me, the light at the end of the tunnel does exist. You have to arm yourself with the right weapons (information) and come out fighting right from the very start.

My advice is: 1. Read this site thoroughly, EVERY page and follow EVERY link. 2. Read this site thoroughly again. 3. Print it all out if you can and *yes* read it thoroughly again! 4. Believe you can win 5. Question everything the lender states in their letters. They'll often make mistakes by not researching their replies. 6. DEMAND those valuations. They invariably show negligence. 7. Check out thoroughly what the estate agents did in relation to marketing. Be aware that marketing SHOULD now include advertising the property on the internet. 8. Follow this forum (every day if you can) - gems of up to date info can appear at any time. The Skipton Appeal case for instance. 9. USE the internet. Search strings like +"negligence" +"property valuation" +"uk" can sometimes return sites where nuggets of info may be found. The "UK" will hopefully keep it relevant, anyway experiment with less commercial search sites like 10. Always keep a sense of humour. The light at the end of the tunnel isn't always some b**tard bringing you more demands!

I hope this helps someone like I've been helped by this site itself.

-- Lamps (, August 24, 2000

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