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I am being chased by Halliwell Landau acting for Abbey National for a #44128 shortfall in 1993. Like most hard working people I blame the boom and bust government let them pay the shortfall. I WILL NEVER PAY IT So far they haven`t managed to find me but they are getting close. Should I answer their mail, and let them find me or should I keep one step ahead. I thought they couldn`t pursue after 6 years can you clear this up

-- Daniel Desouza (, August 24, 2000


My personal opinion is to keep one step ahead. We moved 130 miles away and avoided any contact with the lender for 3 years. However they phoned my husband at work claiming to be the DSS (he had been out of work for a few months previous to us moving) and saying that they owed him some money but needed our new address! Needless to say 2 days later we received a letter from the collection agency re the shortfall. When they caught up with us we were running scared because of their underhand tactics so agreed to a monthly payment. I wish this site had been around then. Please read others experiences on this excellent site before you make any decisions. Don't let them grind you down. Good luck Sue Gates

-- sue gates (, August 24, 2000.

what is that all about

explain what is it?????????????

-- g (, September 29, 2003.

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