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Okay, it's an entry inspired thread, but if someone else is inspired besides the journaller that's acceptable, right? ;-)

I bought the damn thing back at the beginning of July, and thinking about how many hours I've invested in it makes me shudder. I get all anal about making sure each of my Sims have good jobs and nice houses and all their friends are at least at 75 or above, and I PROMISE I'm only going to play for an hour or so in the morning, then I wonder why it's gotten dark outside...

Anyone else?

-- Jennifer (, August 15, 2000


Oh, thank god I'm not the only loser who cannot get away from this game! Um, not to imply that you're a loser or anything, Jennifer... it's just that I cannot believe how much time this game sucks away from other, ostensibly more important, things.

I've spent more time playing today than making dinner. Luckily the menu is simple, but still this is not an ideal ratio on a day like today.

And how on earth do you manage to keep their friendships up? I have a hard time just getting them to get to work on time and do what they need to stay alive. There's never enough time for friends! Like I said in my entry, disturbingly similar to my real life.

Oh, and entry-related topics are fine. I just don't want to start them myself. I'm stubborn that way. ;-)

-- Dawn (, August 15, 2000.

Okay, friends. The trick is to get the rating to 100 the first time out, then keep in mind that every day that friend will lose 2 points. If they start getting down to about 70 or so, invite them over and Hug 'em til you get back to 100. Gift Giving is always good, too.

Oh, and a sort-of-but-not-quite-cheating trick I read about says that when your Sim meets someone for the first time, they should Talk until they get to 30 (I've also found that you can Joke after about 15 points if you're given that option), then start Complimenting until you get to about 60, then Hug to 100. Oh, and avoid Flirting and Kissing unless you plan to marry them off or have someone move in. Jealousy (which you probably already know) causes BIG problems.

Does it bother me that I've made such a study of it? You bet it does. I need a non-computer-oriented life... SIGH!!!!!

-- Jennifer (, August 16, 2000.

Oh, and I mentioned this in my weblog, but in case anyone checking in here didn't see it, this (and the next entry after that one) is the funniest thing ever written. For us Sims folks, anyway.

It had me gasping for breath!

-- Dawn (, August 17, 2000.

Oh gets better..just you wait...Dirty Dinguhs and Jaliqua (they're married now) have managed to kill Bella Goth AND have their baby taken away today.

-- Em (, August 18, 2000.

The evilness continues... with


As if I didn't need more reasons to play the damn thing. Dawn, are they selling this in Italy yet? If you don't have it yet, beware.

Magic lamps, crystal balls, tragic clowns, DEATH... Plus you can have five different neighborhoods and fill them with some seriously funky furniture. OOO! Better skins and more carpets and wallpaper, too. And a hamster that can wind up killing your Sim if you aren't careful.

The madness never ends...

-- Jennifer (, October 10, 2000.

Jennifer, I've been reading about it, but haven't seen it anywhere here yet (and I have a feeling it's not a good idea to mix language versions, so I've resisted ordering it online).

Obviously, I can't wait! Especially for the shopping stuff: I have one couple who literally has everything, and I need new stuff for them. I also love the idea of the new career paths. Geek? Hah!

I confess, though, that I have yet to get anyone to the absolute top of their career. The couple above consists of a TV star and Member of Congress, but they're finding it a little difficult to keep on top of all their friends as it is, and there's not a whole lot of room for skills improvement (except cooking, which bores them both silly).

I think I'll go play right now, as a matter of fact, as I await the expansion pack, which will no doubt cause me to get even MORE behind on work and school than I already am...

-- Dawn (, October 12, 2000.

Thank God I'm not the only Sims Addict. Here I am a 48 year old woman playing with an electronic dollhouse. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

-- Claudia M. Haslett (, January 23, 2001.

I just got the expansion pack, and it's killing me. I don't have time for anything anymore. The best thing about the Sims addiction thing is that you aren't alone. Thousands or websites are out there with loads of fun stuff to download. Try it. I have dozens and dozens of clothing options now. If I'm not playing with Bella Goth and her kids, I'm downloading new furniture for her home.

-- Bjork (, March 03, 2001.

did u know the guinea pig can kill you? stupid guinea pig.

-- Carly Tang (, August 02, 2001.

my name is jardeen....and i'm a sim addict, my addiction has caused a downfall in my life, i've dropped out of high school i dont work if i'm not playing sims or online looking at sims website well i'm asleep, i have no life left but i still wont quit sims ....well not without saving first, even then i'm back the next day...or a few minutes after... i mean i'm a 17 year old guy that plays with dolls, (lmao i cracked up when i read the catalog description on the doll house in the sims) well i'm off to see if the baby will die if i lock it in a room by itself with no windows or doors so the social worker cant get to it...[evil laugh goes here]

-- aussie anarchist (, December 05, 2001.

I tried the cheating thing, and I'm not going back. The way I've decided to do it is like this: Certain neighborhoods will be totally cheat free, others will be "fantasy" neighborhood where I can use that dam rosebud code, and make tons of cool houses.

I've gone so far as to make a list of money restrictions, or guidelines i have to follow to play my own game, so I don't forget... examples of this include: Cannot make money using these things: Gnomes (I wrote that you could use the table to increase mechanical skill, or to make them into gifts, but not as a source of income) Selling artwork using the easel (use for creativity is ok) Selling the explosion from the fireworks kit Marrying someone for their money, and then killing them is not allowed. Etc. etc., when I get done making a house, I want to know that it was through hard work, it means more that way

-- Andrew Kaz (, February 04, 2002.

I have the same problem. I used to play the sims all the time! I had cheat codes and everything but I used my computer too much and it over heated. Now I can't stop thinking about my sims because my computer is down. That is why i'm on the internet so much. This is my dad's computer and he'd die if I put my sims on his computer.

-- Amanda Whitsett (, June 03, 2002.

The first step to recovery is admitting the addiction. Yes, I am addicted. Oh, how my husband and kids have suffered due to my addiction! Mom doesn't cook, clean or share the computer! If my kids were Sims kids, the social worker would have visited my home long, long ago. Yes, I have even become a Sim pusher. My friends are now hooked as well. Do I feel guilty? Nah. I figure it's genetic and beyond my control. So..........Sims, I'm back!

-- Lisa Perez (, July 20, 2002.

hey is there any way to give the sims more skills other than just making them do all kinds of things. i need a cheat!!!

-- kari (, August 05, 2002.

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