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I d/led this .DAT file off the web and it's supposed to be a VCD. I tried opening it with Windows Media Player 7 and Quicktim 4.1.2 and both say it doesn't support the format. After hours of fustration (3 hours downloading the video and software for it), I went to a site and downloaded an independed MPEG player. I can view the video on it, but the image is screwy. There are blocky pixels moving all around, but you can see what is going on in the video. Also, at times, it would just get stuck. My friend d/led the file form the exact location and got it working with Windows Media Player 7. What is wrong? Is the file corrupted from the DL? Please help, thanks.

-- Andy T (, August 11, 2000


Well, in the last 3 days i was realy frustratet too, just like you. But after all i found an url and a small programm at this site that solved all my problems with the f..... dat.-files on my video-cd4s. i tried like you did , the new mediaplayer (ver.7) but at last i removed it from my system. version 6.4 works much better with windows 98. so her now, to solve your video-cd problem, go to: and download "IsoBuster". this small programm copy and convert the .dat-files from cd to the harddisc and then you can open the file simply with the right mousebutton command "Open With" and select "Windows Media Player". but be shure that you deselect the controllbox that allows all .dat- files to open with the mediaplayer. (i made this mistake, but nothing bad happens, my system runs like everyday). so i4m very happy now that it works. i hope that i can help you with this information... greetings from germany peter

p.s. try to visit my websites at:

-- Peter K. (, September 30, 2000.

Hi, I hv downloaded IsoBuster. But it does not open only the DAT file for extraction( i.e. copying to my harddisk).

Also tried to open DAT file with QuickVCDPlayer. It too gives "Format not supported error". Did anyone face this prob? How did you open DAT file in that case ?


-- suhas (, September 17, 2003.

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