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Any recommendations for any good software that can be used to re-encode existing MPEG to make it video cd compliant??

I have tried the DVMPEG (demultiplexer and multiplexer) software, but it rejects almost 90% of my mpeg files saying that the file is an invalid MPEG file.

Thanks in advance.

-- den (, August 07, 2000



Go to this address :

and download build 12 of Tmpgenc. Make sure you download the english resources too. This is a free encoder, and one of its many great options is to take a MPEG file and fix it, so it will be accepted by VCD burning progs (This option is under the File->Mpeg Tool->VBV optimizer).

-- Josh (, August 07, 2000.


Yes, just like Josh said use the Tmpeg tools. It's a very good program for playing with MPEG.

Capture the movie at approx 1150 video bitrate and 224 for audio then multiplex the .mpg using Tmpeg tools to make the .mpg file become .mpg VCD compliant.

Either WinOnCD or NERO will accept the file as a VCD compliant mpg.

Please be noticed WinOnCD won't accept for more than 1217 Video bitrate but Nero will, even Nero accept my 2500 Video bitrate of the .mpg file and burnt it all well. But it's not reccomended to have 2500 bitrate, as it won't play to any kind of stand alone VCD player. (Except you just want to watch the VCD w/ computer), besides you just can put 35 minutes movie in one CDR, as NERO will assume to double up the duration of the 2500 bitrate .mpg file since we double the Video bitrate. (1250 to 2500).

I hope this help.


-- Sunar (, August 08, 2000.

and for the record the NTI cd maker pro and the NTI cd maker 2000 will both accept anykind of bitrate for a video cd be it high or low

-- Doug (, August 08, 2000.

Try Panasonic standalone encoder, it re-encodes mpegs, but very slowly.


-- Andy (, August 09, 2000.

Thanks for all your help. TMPGE encoder really works, it is able to convert almost 90% of my mpegs to work with Winoncd 3.7.

However, the CD would play in my standalone VCD player, WHY???

-- den (, August 09, 2000.

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