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Please join Leadership Dynamics and Jostens at the Interantional Work Team Conference in Dallas, September 11-13, and hear first hand how Jostens successful work teams in Princeton, Illinois, operate on a daily basis. These are members from teams who were responsible for producing 19 of the 34 Super Bowl rings. They reduced quality defects by 80%, reduced late product to customers by over 50%, reduced cycle times from 31 days to 5 days and improved productivity by over 20%. Learn how they are structured, what responsibilities and authority they have, and how management is structured to support them. Team members will also have a display of Super Bowl rings for participants to view at the Leadership Dynamics booth in the Exhibit Hall during the Sports Night Grand Reception.

-- Al Dahms (, August 02, 2000


Hell [b/]no[b/]

-- Iron fist (Solidus, January 24, 2003.

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