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Everyone has some sort of guilty pleasure, whether it's singing along with NSync or watching reruns of bad 70s sitcoms. It's true confessions time, folks: what are your guilty pleasures? I want to know all the things that would cause your hipster friends to disown you if they knew about them.

This can include liking Rush, for those of you who are willing to confess such a thing. :)

As an incentive, I'll post a long, detailed list of my guilty pleasures once...hmmm...five people have posted to this thread. So get to it, people. Confess!

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000


I have 5: - Drinking margaritas while everyone else drinks beer. - Rhoda (the TV show that was a spin off of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, starring Valerie Harper as a mod window designer in New York in the 70's.) - - Shitty R and B music from recent years such as, oh, Blaque's "Boom Like An 808." - Juge Ju

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

NSync is a big, big guilty pleasure of mine. As a young 'un, I tended to obsess on Important Musical Artists like the Beatles & U2. Now, I let my inner teenager run wild.

Catholic aesthetics. These wouldn't be guilty pleasures for, oh, say, actual Catholic people, but when you grow up hearing that "nice Jewish girls don't" all the time, you're going to feel a frisson of naughtiness as you admire that fantastic painting of the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian for the gazillionth time.

My hair. I know that I should be above such things, but I really love my hair, and I spend more money than I should keeping it look good. This is really the most guilty of my pleasures, because the other ones aren't draining my wallet on a semi-regular basis.

Magazines! Why are magazines so tempting? I cannot resist their siren song!

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

I know I said I wasn't going to jump in until five people had posted...but the mere mention of Blaque just made me smile. I do think that Hellsbelle and I share the same brain sometimes, though I prefer "I Do" over "808".

"She ain't got the boom like I do
She don't move the room like I do
She don't put that curl in your toes
When she makes her body roll
And that girl don't work it slow like I do..."

Awwww yeah. I also have room in my heart for "Where My Girls At" by 702. I seem to like chick-fight songs for whatever reason.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

I was going to say Rush, but there's nothing to be ashamed about in liking Rush, everyone's favorite Canadian power trio. Now if you are still spinnin' Triumph records, then you got problems.

My true guilty pleasures are: -Prog rock -Corbin Bernsen and Kevin Costner movies -Rolling Rock beer -Formulaic crime fiction

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

I don't believe in musical guilty pleasures anymore. Heck, N Sync's new song is ten times better than most indie rock I've heard lately. But I do have one horrible addiction - Entertainment Tonight. It makes me sick to watch it, yet I cannot stop. Every so often I vow never to watch it again, only to turn it back on a few weeks later. Da da da da da daaaaaa

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

I can't believe I forgot to mention shitty R&B! Where would I be without my Destiny's Child?? Or, indeed, any single from Shakes'pere's oevre? If knowing all the words to "There You Go" is wrong, I don't want to be right.

-- Anonymous, July 28, 2000

Nanette, I like our joint brain! Where's the BIG list of guilty pleasures?! I'd like to add that my 5th guilty pleasure should be Judge Judy, not Juge Ju. Thank you, thank you al

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

Watching JAG reruns when coming back from work at 1 in the morning. This poor excuse of a cheap TV show is as stupidly patriotic as it gets, it mixes lawyers and the military, both of which I find highly despicable, and is obviously very right-wing in the values it promotes. Still... I cannot stop watching it, it's oddly gripping and the lead actress has smashing tits. There.

-- Anonymous, July 31, 2000

Hall and Oates Chicago (the band) Journey Bob Seger Bryan Adams M*A*S*H 90210 Reruns(anything but the last season) Saved by the Bell The Real World Marathons These are all things, that, if I was watching/listening with someone else in the room/car, I would probably surf/scan right past, but if it's just me, I have to listen/watch.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2000

i hate to say it...but the first season of Dawson's Creek rocked. i'm sorry...go back and check the footage. it was great. i also like Pavement, which in itself is not guilt-worthy. but the amount of inner-fame which i afford stephen malkmus is way too much, even though he is the greatest songwriter of my time (see, here i go!). i mean, Pavement kicks ass, but i think i need to love their albums in silence and not bitch at my friends because i "can't understand how you couldn't like them." the cardigans are another one of my guilty pleasures. it's hard to make it through a song of theirs, because i always feel like somebody is watching over my shoulder making sure i don't skip to that song "love me" from the romeo & juliet soundtrack. and it's not even on the album i have of theirs, that's the scary thing. let's see, what else? i like "surrender" by cheap trick. should i feel guilty for that? and i also feel guilty about listening to Air, because if you hadn't ever heard them and didn't know what they were all about, you would probably think i was a little fruity for digging french electronic pop. but i feel confident that i could shout out a big "fuck you" to anybody who would think that. unless they were a trucker or something, in which case i would turn it town and button my lips.

hmmm...i feel bad that nobody understands when i try to explain why john hughes is the best director of my time. i mean, he holds so much credibility in my mind...but as soon as somebody says "adventures in babysitting sucked!" i shut my mouth and forget about why movies like Sixteen Candles and Weird Science were so good (Anthony Michael Hall, duh!).

i guess basically everything is a guilty pleasure for me, because none of my friends really enjoy music or film or anything mind-expanding like poetry or short stories. most of them think that Speed 2: Cruise Control and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me were good movies.


oh yeah, and i feel really guilty about liking megadeth, metallica (up to and including the black album), and king diamond/ mercyful fate. forgot about those somewhere in there.

-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

why Chicago? they're pretty great. i'm not even joking. "dialogue" is the shit.


-- Anonymous, August 05, 2000

The worst guilty pleasure that I can think of at this point is the fact that I HAVE to watch the stupid horrific display of human behavior on the Real World every Tuesday night. If i am not at a tv when i the show starts, I get like the Rainman with Wheel of Fortune and the Peoples Court. Another thing that I am embarrassed to admit is that I watch Undressed on MTV. Channel surfing, and cross by the horrible acting and story lines of Undressed and I can't help myself. It seems that the show gets worse and worse every time that I watch, but for some reason that draws me to it more. My third and last guilty pleasure is that Disney Movie "the Kid" with Bruce Willis. Disney in itself is the devel and yet I seem to like to watch the previews for that damned movie and I hate to admit, but I saw it the day it came out...I'm so ashamed.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2000

The Go-Go's. I've touched all of them, bye the way and gotten a hug from Cathy. Ahhhh . . .

-- Anonymous, March 21, 2001

I've got a guilty pleasure..blogging and listening to indie pop and texas pop j

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

more middleclass snobbery... "well i know this is unbecoming of one as hip as i, but every once in a great while i flip on the WB and see what the proles are watching. "

-- Anonymous, May 31, 2001

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