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If a line drive ball is hit by the batter and the pitcher catches the ball between his legs is it considered a caught ball, and would you call it an out.

-- jared lorentsen (neckro187@hotmail.com), July 26, 2000


A catch is defined in section 2 of the rule book (definitions). I can't quote it, because my book is at home, and I'm not, however the gist of it is that as long as the ball is not trapped in a part of the uniform, the player can use parts of his body to aid in the catch.

So, if after 'catching' the ball between his legs he spreads them and the ball drops to the ground before he holds it in his hand, then no, it's not a 'catch' or an out.

If, however, he reaches down and grabs the ball before it falls to the ground, and it has not touched the ground prior to lodging between his legs, then yes it is a 'catch' and an out.

-- Andy Hughes (hughesa@open.org), July 27, 2000.

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