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Hi! I just had a question of you who are currently doulas - I am interested in becoming one, but am wondering if this is possible since I work anywhere from 20 - 40 hrs + per week. Is there anyway to plan this out around your other work schedule? Babies have the tendency to come when they are ready to regardless. Thanks for any help!! Sarah Langland

-- Sarah Langland (, July 24, 2000


You will probably be okay most of the time since babies love to come at night. As long as you don't mind going to work on no sleep at all. You'll also have to expect to miss some work since some births are long and not all do happen at night. When I was working full time I always told myself that most of the time I spent out of work- only 9 hours a day at work. The other time I could be at a birth. My work was wonderful and extremely flexible. I'd just make up anytime I missed at a birth.

The answer is NO you can't plan around your schedule and please, don't try to only work the hours you aren't working. Women want, need, doulas, who give them continuity of care. If they are going to the hospital the doula may be the only face they can count on seeing- everyone else works in shifts.

I hope you can make it work!

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, August 26, 2000.

I have been a doula for over a year now and also work 3 days per week. I've found the best way to cover both your interests is to secure a reliable back-up doula (or doulas if need be). That way, if you are at work and CANNOT get away, your clients will still be covered. Perhaps you could look at teaming your efforts with another doula in your area. She could cover the days you work and vice versa. Lots of obstetrical practices rotate being on call...why shouldn't doulas?

-- Shawna Douglas (, January 24, 2001.

Being a doula ,is a on call job ,if you live in an area with a big population you may consider doing it as a full time job ,unless your work does not mind you leaving or you run your own bussiness,being a doula is alot of work ,you are on call 24 7 and most clients call between 11-3 in labor and have their babies early morning ,i wish you the best of luck ,i would just take on 1 client a month to begin with and see how it works for you. Beth

-- Beth McElroy (, February 24, 2001.

I been so many people's labor coach, it is crazy,After my first birth with my friend. I knew that this was calling my name. I love the nature of birth. It is so awesom, I found a school in Tacoma Wa. but they only teach the class twice a year. I when I went to sign up both were full, I was hoping that maybe you might have some direction for me. Even if the classes are held on Seattle that would be okay. I also have a full time job. But I have read that you can have a partner to releave you if you need to go to work. Which I think is awesome. I am only 21yrs old and have never been to college. I am hoping that this will start my career or even a hobby. God Bless Neisha

-- Neisha Benbow (, February 28, 2001.

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