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I don't have my own e-mail address. The only way to get any questions dialogue on here seems to be to have subscribed to the 21st century disease. Anyway all i want to say is that I too enjoyed the inspirational piano playing at the Launch and more recently at the gig in Exeter. I first saw her in the Bounty advert didn't I ? A trully wonderful asset to your music and vision I'd say....more of her ...more of you..forget everyone else.

-- I.N Cognito (drm@easynet.co.uk), July 15, 2000


Hello, show yourself sir or madam before I reveal anything. Incognito isn't good enough unless its the name of a band, in which case you should get your own email address or come to another gig and then reveal yourself but not in the flesh....mmmmmmthanks for the compliments, more please, I'm only the piano player so dont shoot me. By the way it was the flake advert, not bounty. i'm assuming you mean me and not Nigel as he also played piano at the launch and at Exeter. Mind you he only uses two fingers, a style he says he got from years of trying to let the government know where to go. He does stick ping pong balls with superglue on his nails these days but says its only to strengthen his attack nails not to make them easy to see in the dark when he holds them up in the victory or otherwise mode. I get transported by NMJ's music at the gigs as he goes places not many get to in his playing and a lot happens in the moment. Thats exicting and real music. I also admire the subject matter he deals with and probably wouldnt be playing in public except for this.Who the heck are you, reveal yourself and thanks for the positive comments. Ellen Harvey

-- Ellen Harvey (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), August 02, 2000.

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