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What have you women found is the perfect shoe? i.e. a shoe that is comfortable, but doesn't look dorky. I love ecco, but wear a nine and one half and am insistent that a 40 is too small and a 41 is too big. Someone told me that this would be a 40 and a half which they do not import to US. Has anyone else had this problem with the European comfort walkers? Thanks for any shoe ad

-- susan randolph (, July 14, 2000



We spent two weeks in Europe in late May/early June. A couple of months before we left, I purchased some Rockport "ProWalker World Tour Classic" shoes on-line--mine are dark brown with black soles. I think they also come in black. It was the best investment I have ever made. They were super comfortable for all the walking we did (and we moved around A LOT). I didn't think they looked too "dorky"-- I wore them everyday with slacks/pants, and they seemed fine.

I got a size 7 wide (my feet don't seem to like 6 1/2 too much anymore). They looked a little big at first to me, but the toe box had plenty of room, and they were so comfortable. Hope this helps.


-- Phoebe Cameron (, July 15, 2000.

I bought a pair of black suede hiker type shoes at DSW before I went to Las Vegas. The label is Donald J. Pliner Sport. I loved them! They are thick-soled, ankle-high, and very funky looking. They feel comfortable like sports shoes yet are much nicer looking. I think you can find Donald J. Pliner shoes at Nordstrom, Saks, and other stores, plus they always seem to have some at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse, an outlet-type chain). My other favorite comfortable but non-dorky shoe for travel is a pair of white canvas sneakers (like Keds but funkier) from Target. I get a new pair every year and wear them with everything. They're cute in the summer with dresses and capris; I usually wear those little invisible "loafer" socks under them.

-- Mary Gilligan (, February 14, 2001.

I, too, have the same size problem. I've been wearing a brown Nike walking sneaker. We're going to Rome next week and I decided to buy a change of shoes, a black New Balance, I think it is. That's for walking all day. For evening and looking nice I bought a Kenneth Cole funky black microfiber flat shoe with a sling back, which I've not really broken in but seems quite comfy. Good luck.

-- Maria Nekludoff (, April 18, 2001.

Aerosole make very comfortable shoes for walking (and also men's shoes, which I am told are comfortable). They have a loafer style with a broad toe which comes in a range of colours. The shoe is lightweight leather and has a cushiony sole. You can wear it with tights, lightweight "trouser" socks, or barefoot. I have worn it with skirts and trousers. I like it very much. Aerosole have shops in some malls and there is also a catalog. They may have a website.

-- Barbara Elwell (, April 26, 2001.

The best, absolute best walking sandals are made by Wolky, a Dutch firm. They have a contoured sole with a heel cup, a super longitudinal arch, and the essential metatarsal support that almost no other sandal has. They feel like running shoes with straps. In these babies, my feet have walked all over cobblestone country and lived to tell the tale. What's more astonishing is that the shoes are good-looking!

You can see all the available models at wolkyshop_uk.html

and the models that are actually available in America are shown at

-- Elona Masson (, May 09, 2001.

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