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Stress. How do you handle it?

Is there a particular form of meditation that you follow through to reduce the levels of stress in your life? Do you take medication to calm your nerves -- either prescription drugs or herbal? Or do you tell everyone to screw off and lock yourself in your bedroom to cry?

-- Meghan (, July 04, 2000


A chocolate milkshake sounds wonderful, Doc. Remember the days when we spent hours at the Cafe saying, "Hey baby, you want some fries with that shake?" LOL! Ahh, memories....

-- Meghan (, July 05, 2000.

a chocolate milkshake hon... it cures everything.

just get an old fashioned one, lock the door, unplug the phone, put on some good music and forget the world.

don't cry. enjoy.

and remember Lady and I love you even if we get into moods sometimes.

-- Doc (, July 05, 2000.

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