"Nice" Girls--what's up with that?

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Froget about dumb girls...it's the 'nice' ones that set my teeth on edge. You know, the ones that all guys think are the sweetest things ever, thoughtful, feminine, delicate in nature, with an air of virginal innocence that doesn't mean they don't like sex but that they just don't talk about it like guys do. The ones who just *happen* to have similar tastes in arts and music as your guy friends/boyfriend. The ones your guy friends would never dare offend with their raunchy jokes (you know, the same jokes you appreciate and top every time). The ones who are conniving little bitches cloaked in a disguise of nice-ty (ugh) that makes the rest of us who are brutally honest (and typically end up with our foot in our mouth, if not planted on the derriere of a nice girl!) want to scream bloody murder (or do bloody murder). Why is it that guys simply cannot see beyond the facade of these 'nice' (and intelligent--oh yes, quite intelligent, otherwise how could they be so good at this game of duplicity) girls. Is there nayone else out there who takes pride in disposing of these nice girls like I do?! Or do you think they're too nice to be talked about in such a way? :-) Jayran

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2000


lol, it sucks when you can see things that others dont

-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002

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