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I can't believe i haven't mentioned this on my forum yet, but it's time now.

What did you think of last night's Survivor? Do you agree with the decision to kick Dirk off?

Who do you think is next to go?

Do you care about this show at all?

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), June 29, 2000


Now to answer my own question...

I can see why they kicked Dirk off. He wasn't helpful in very many ways. He admitted himself that he has failed at everything that he has tried to do (no luck with fishing, he only found one tapioca plant, etc.).

On the other hand, i was wishing they would kick Kelly off just because she was a snarky bitch. There were three things that made me dislike her immensely last night.

1. When Tagi lost to Pagong in the spear contest and Pagong then won fruits and three egg-laying chickens, Kelly told the cameras that the Tagi tribe would really rather eat things that they went out and found themselves instead of things that were just handed to them. Oh bullshit, Kelly, you whiney and smug little bitch. If you guys had won, you'd probably have already eaten one of the chickens while mooning Pagong. Poor loser anyone?

2. It's good to be confident in your abilities, but you just knew that Tagi would lose the shipwreck challenge as soon as Kelly said she could beat Gervase any day of the week. Be confident, but beware being cocky.

3. She should have been booted off the island for stupidity alone after what she said back on the beach when she lost. Kelly, the river rafter by profession said, "I can't believe i lost to a guy who can't even swim!" Um, duh? You guys were PADDLING and not SWIMMING, therefore what you just said doesn't even make sense.

Anyhoo... I highly doubt she's in this for the long haul so she'll get hers sometime soon.

Since it appears that this whole thing is at least somewhat rigged (ha! somewhat?!), the teams have been losing their immunity challenges back and forth. Therefore, Pagong is likely slated to lose next week. I don't know who they will vote off. I thought Gervase for awhile since he lost the bug contest and messed up their chances to win a spear by being unable to swim (who the fuck signs up to be on a show like Survivor if they can't swim?! he should have waited for a desert edition), but he has redeemed himself with the rowing. I hope they vote Colleen off, not because i dislike her per se, but she's useless.

I care about this show entirely too much. I am so hooked. I'm going to read more on the CBS website now.

-- Sherry (sherry@masc.ca), June 29, 2000.

No offense, but i think this show is garbage and plays out like junior high school. It is billed as "reality tv" when nothing could be further from the truth. just like MTV's "the real world" the participants are picked based on their inability to get along and therefore create conflict. People watch for the same reason they watch auto racing: the crash and burn. I used to complain about all the copycat game shows polluting the airwaves, but this rubbish is hundreds times worse. Just my $.02

-- Scully (scully@terrapin-gardens.net), June 29, 2000.

Heehee, no offense taken.

I'm pretty aware of the lack of reality - first off, the island is actually a very big tourist attraction and has a hotel. The people running the show paid to have it closed down for the 39 days that it runs.

The women are entirely too well shaven to be simply "surviving". When Sue raised her arm to throw the spears last night, i was laughing because her armpits were perfectly smooth. Jenna runs around in bikinis and has a bikini line just like any actress. Even the men - they may have facial hair, but it's not bushy and haphazard beards that you would expect after a couple of weeks. They're nice, stylish goatees and the like. Silly.

Still, i can't help but watch it. I am totally hooked, to the point that every Thursday morning i drink my coffee while browsing the site to read up on the re-caps of the night before and at lunch i read the wrap-up in the National Post.

I know it's a ridiculous show. But i love it anyway. :)

-- Sherry (sherry@masc.ca), June 29, 2000.

Oops, side note:

I do agree with the consensus on Beth's forum. If they get too hungry, they really should kill that bloody annoying host and eat him.

Cannibalism. The stuff that survival skills are really made of.

-- Sherry (sherry@masc.ca), June 29, 2000.


And before getting in here I thought you people were talking about the '80s band ;-) Well, I don't recall seeing this so I don't think we have it around here, a new game will be around called 'big brother' where a couple of people will be locked up in a big house with cameras all around them. I still don't get the point of where the fun will be. There already was a commotion about the fact that 'normal' people normally need to wait several months for their building plans to be approved so they can start building a house, where the owners of this show started building their 'house' right away, without even waiting for the legal approvings involved in building, environmental studies, geographical studies, soil analysis, etc...

Money still makes the world go round these days...

-- Wim Van Oudenhove (wilhelmus@pandora.be), June 29, 2000.

I just heard about "Big Brother" today. It sounds a lot like the MTV generation show called "The Real World".

Apparently "Survivor" is a rip-off of a European version (gasp, Hollywood couldn't come up with something original, that NEVER happens). I don't know all the details of where the European survivors were dropped off, but i know people were voted off each week as well.

Also, the first person voted off the European show, i believe a guy from Sweden, was so distraught that he committed suicide.

I'd like to win a million bucks and all, but even if i went on a show like Survivor to do so, i really can't imagine being so upset about losing that i would kill myself.

Anyone know where i can find details about the European one? People have mentioned it but i have yet to see any news stories with more details.

And Wim, if you check out the site i linked to in the original post, you can read the basic concept behind the show.

-- Sherry (sherry@masc.ca), June 29, 2000.

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