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We bought our house in April 1998 and paid #40K (#4K deposit, #36K mortgage). It's at the back of a pub which we thought would be really handy, my only reservation was that my hubby would find it too handy. The vendors told us the pub was being refurbished, we asked them if there was any trouble from the pub, they said, no more than any other. On the night we moved in, the pub re-opened (17/4/98) and it's been absolute hell ever since. We've complained about noise to environmental health, police, council - but no-one will do anything - they say its up to us to take them to court - something we don't want to do because then we'll get the backlash. We get bombarded with music so we can't hear our television, can't get to sleep before midnight (when the pub throws out), customers pee up the side of the pub, throw glasses, fight, smoke drugs, it is a nightmare. We put house up for sale in October 99 for #43K; we've done it up a bit, in 8 months we've had one offer (asking price is now down to #40K) - the people offering to buy have a house to sell. We've got the chance and intend to move to a lovely rented property which we know well, away from everything and are desperate to leave. The date the property comes vacant is in mid-August and we're nowhere near selling/completing. We;ve told the Estate Agent (HPS) we're handing the keys in if it's not sold by then, they've said they'll take us to court - we just can't live like this anymore, it's making us ill. What do we do?

-- tracy hart (, June 28, 2000


Contact your environmental health department again. It is their policy to initially ask you to keep a detailed record of the noise, how it affected you, what you heard etc for a couple of weeks. If the problem still persists then they will come out with their monitoring equipment. It is their responsibility to liaise with the noice polluter not yours. If and when it comes to court action, your local council (environmental health agency) arranges this and bears the initial cost) you will be called a witness. I know how awful it is in this kind of situation but you really do need to liaise with the environ agency). If push comes to shuv then the pub may lose its licence.

Good Luck.

-- joanne (, October 23, 2000.

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