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Is there a Time limt on capturing with Dazzle? I tryed to capture a movie and it stoped at 37mins, is this normal? if not how can i fix it so i can capture a hole movie with out getting messed up, or is there a better software that i can use other than Dazzles? thanks guys!!!

-- Todd (lepus@webcombo.net), June 19, 2000


I capture about 65 mins of video using Snazzi PCI card and has never have any problem.

-- Mave Lee (mave_lee@hotmail.com), June 19, 2000.

My DazzleDVC stops capturing after 2 hours 9 minutes with movie quality template. Please disable the anti-virus program when capturing with DazzleDVC and reserve at least 5GB HDD space.

-- Beni K. (b_kartono@hotmail.com), June 20, 2000.

It depends on the size of your hard drive. If you check on your working directory setup, Dazzle software will tell you that you can record 37 mins video in your case. However, if you change your working directory, say the other hard drive, the maximum recording length will changed accordingly. Anyway, I don't recommend capturing the movie more than 20 mins. due to the audio/video out of syn. issue. You better capture the movie several times instead of one long clip.

-- k wong (kkuiwong@yahoo.com), June 20, 2000.

Last week i've recorded a movie with a Snazzi at max quality (4Mb) and i got 2hr 16min of recording straight and all in sync without any problem. The only problem i've seen so far is that with Mpeg you can bypass the 2Gb limit of the AVI specs, but then you smash down at the 4Gb limit - it's the max that Windows can handle for a single file. So... check out the disk space, and if it's low, close the software, free it up, and open it again.

-- Jean-Luc Picard (jl.picard@startrekmail.com), June 21, 2000.

Todd (and others with Dazzle),

You ran into a small bug that is in the Dazzle software. Actually it is not a bug so much as poor programming. I too, had this problem happen to me when I first started using the Dazzle, and I have 2 30GB hard drives with loads of free space.

The problem is that the Clip Size/Time field duration options (under the recording tab) are tied to the Movies Directory (under the Options button in the work space area), and does not update when you switch to a new directory. Your recording will ALWAYS STOP when it reaches the time set in the Time Field. The Working Directory (under the recording tab) does nothing! Funny enough, things work correctly when you switch to a directory that is SMALLER than what was already set, just not when you switch to a LARGER directory. Go figure.

The solution to this problem is very easy, just remember to do it EACH time you change the destination directory (Movie Directory, under the Options button) for your captured clips.

1: In the Work Space area, click the Options button and select the Movies Directory you want to capture to.

2: Go back to the Recording tab, click inside the Clip Size field and delete the numbers there.

3: Now click inside any of the Time fields. Notice that the Clip Size/Time has now adjusted to the correct size/time!

4: Go capture your movie. :-)

This is a typical example of bad programming. I have found several others also. Dazzle, fix this!, and give me a freebie something for discovering this problem and reporting it. ( HaHa, fat chance after I said it was bad programming)

Hope this helps. :-)

EG Marshall

-- EG Marshall (4me@schoolmail.com), June 21, 2000.

I came across this problem using Dazzle Video Creator USB. After capturing for sometime from a Hi8 Sony Camcorder, the Video window just stop displaying. I Dazzle capturing at least 2 GB or more of clips, and then it just does not display snything at all. I had to turn off capture box, then turn it on the next day and it worked again. I brought this problem to their support (email) group - I sent tie email to Thad Huston. First he said check all usb connection, disconnect and connect which I already did before I submitted the problem, and it did to correct the problem. I had to turn off for a day and on again to make it work. I suggested to Thad that this is a case where a component in the hardware gets warm as it is used for an extended time - then it fails, but apparently he is not buying my theory and I never got any reponse from him or any of the other support at Dazzle that I emailed this problem. This happen to some electronic component where if it gets heated due to intensive use, it just stops functioning. and you have to turn it off to cool it to make it work again. This just is one of manufactruing defects that they refuse to admit. I ama still trying to pursue this problem with them. I purchase my Dazzle in Oct. 11/2000, and I find that it is good and it does what I wanted it to do, I was able to create VCD using The Latest Easy CD Creator 4.0 by adaptec. The only problem is the Dazzzle has its limitation in its use for capturing. I am still waiting for the solution to the problem I presented to them.

-- John_P (jpanganiban1@home.com), January 09, 2001.

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