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hello quality fans !

I have a great problem printing 6x6 (hasselblad) negatives with my focomat IIc. Using the 100 mm lens and printing the full negative, including the frame, a shadow frame appears all around the black frame of the picture (on the inside). The shadow frame which is about 4 mm thick (on a 30cm/30cm print) follows correctly the black frame included the marques in the corner and side of the negative. My focomat is equiped with the standard material and nothing has been changed ever since. Also on my negative is no sign of the shadow frame. can somebody explain me what is happening. (when i put the side of the negative in the middle of the carrying glass no shadow appears on the print)

please help me ... i am desperate


-- luc van hoeylandt (, June 18, 2000


If I understand your problem correctly, the first thing that comes to my mind is the lens that you are using. Try another lens and see what happens.

-- Dug (, December 03, 2000.

A 100mm lens is not undersized for the 6x6 neg and connot be the problem. I have a 1C focomat but not the 2C so I can't comment on adjusting condensors similar which one does on a B-22. You may try the Leica page in this forum or go to the medium format forum for answers.

-- Richard Jepsen (, July 19, 2002.

The problem with the shadow frame around and inside your picture is due to reflections of the light area outside your frame and from reflections of the edges of your easel you propably use. Try to eliminate the white light area around your frame using a more "tight" frame by using a mask exactly 6x6cm or by taping with blackout tape the excessive projected white area of your enlarger mask.


-- Dimitris Metaxas (, December 20, 2002.

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