Let's build a car!

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Early in 1994/1995 Brunei, I met this unforgettable character from Italy - a rather well-built, pony-tail taunting, almost burnt-out hippy-like Tom Meade. Meade managed to get the local population excited over his plans to make a local car manufacturing plant, utilising the local workers. Now Meade seemed to have all the credentials - he had met/worked for Enzo Ferrari, got his own vehicles to appear in some Bond movies, and basically have blueprints of some pretty mean, sizzling machines. What he lacked was backing from the government. To this date, I have never met an enthusiasm that had risen and fallen so very quickly within the short span of a week! But Meade's greatest legacy to Brunei was that he managed to rally people to dream about possibilities. Personally, I find his designs exciting ... though far from being legal ... at their promised 400-500bhp! But his war-cry is a good premise ... let's build a car ... put in your specs in this forum, and let's collaborate ... even if just on the web!

-- Bandi (andy688@hotmail.com), June 15, 2000

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