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Brunei is strict in terms of the types of modifications that you can make on your vehicles. No tinted glass, no curtains, no mechanical modifications to the originally specified engines. with road blocks becoming more frequent nowadays, Joe Modify would have a tough time showing off his souped up car. About the only modification that I have done on my car is to get larger tyres ... a few years ago. That got noticed fairly quickly, ending prematurely what could have been my further exploits into the modification business. How about you... how far would you go? How was your experience?

-- Bandi (, June 14, 2000


Yap, especially the Traffic in Brunei, seem that they didn't got a total law for modification, they do caught the modification but didn't stop the part that sell in Brunei... U can get any modify part in the town so easy...

-- Axcis (, August 23, 2000.

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