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Hi there,

Just bought a AE Motordrive FN, High Power Ni-Cd Pack, Battery Cord FN plus Ni-Cd MA/FN charger for my New F1. I have three questions regarding this combination: 1. When do you know if the accu is fully charged? 2. There is no voltage on the frontconnector for the Battery Cord when the motordrive is powered. I checked for loose connections inside the accu but everything seems ok. 3. After 8 hour charging the accu could just transport one 36 film. Maybe memory problems?

Can anybody help me out?

Thanks in advance


-- Robert H. Sabelis (, June 14, 2000


If it is working, but not lasting as long as you expect, I would figure that one or more cells in the pack are dead or reversed (electircally not physically). You will probably have to have the pack rebuilt.

-- Terry Carraway (, June 14, 2000.

If the pack is a few years old the batteries are likely to need replacing. Sometimes they can be revived by repeated charge and discharge. Try running it down a few more times and it could well improve.

-- Gareth Watkins (, May 01, 2001.

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