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What television commercials do you really enjoy? Are there some that make you laugh? Make you proud? Make you all sentimental?

-- Sherry (, June 13, 2000


I saw a ESPN plug the other day that almost made me fall on the floor. it was a couple of japanese guys lumberjacking a tree and another a ways out getting ready to catch that tree.. the tree squashing him flat.. OMG I almost fell out of the bar stool.

-- Ron (, June 13, 2000.

I've always had a good laugh over the Mountain Dew commercial.

It shows a guy snowboarding and doing all these wicked tricks and fancy maneuvers. Then it shows him at the bottom of a ski hill by a Mountain Dew machine, taking a swig and the voiceover goes: "What do really good snowboarders drink?"

Then you see another guy go smashing straight into the machine and the voiceover says "The same thing as the not-so-good snowboarders."

It never fails to crack me up.

Of course, i also really like the I Am Canadian commercial, but that probably goes without saying. And the original WASSSSSUP commercial too.

-- Sherry (, June 13, 2000.

I can't for the life of me remember what the commercial was selling (i bet the advertisers hate hearing that hehehe), but the other night while flipping between Star Trek and the NBA championship I saw a commercial with cowboys hearding cats! It was hillarious!

None of them had two heads tho that I could tell.


-- Scully (, June 13, 2000.

Speaking of cat commercials, George told me about one (like you, i have no idea what they were selling, but i didn't see it myself) he saw the other night. It shows a cat shadow tiptoeing along a wall, then, as some guy watches tv - totally oblivious - the cat gets into the aquarium. You end up seeing the cat driving away in a stolen truck. Once the camera pans a bit you discover that as opposed to goldfish, the cat has stolen a *whale* from the aquarium.

I'm betting that it was a beer commercial. :)

-- Sherry (, June 13, 2000.

Any of the series of "Bob" (the talking baby) commecials. Especially the one with Shaquille O'Neil being put down ("Oh boy..." says Bob). Of course, I don't remember the product (Internet of some sort, I think). Its known as "Video Vampire" when an ad causes you to forget the product.

-- Ed George (, June 13, 2000.

-- dave (, June 13, 2000.

Well of course "The Rant" is a favorite of mine.

Actually two of my favorites are not on TV, but on radio..

A Fountain Tire ad (tire store) where the spokesman says:

"They are practically giving tires away!! You buy three you get one tire free, now that's nice if all you want is just one free tire.. but I found a loophole! Check this out.. You buy 16 tires you get four free tires!! heh heh heh.. And my acountant says I am careless with money..."

And a local Ford radio ad (that can be tied into the local TV ads) where two gophers are talking about a new off-road 4x4 truck..

"Those trucks are going to be more common around here than.. than.."


"Uhh.. Nooo.."

"VLT's?" (for those not in the know, VLT's Video Lottery Terminals are very very common in Alberta. I haven't found even a small town that doesn't have them!)

"More than that!!"

"Personal Injury Lawyers?"

brief pause


"Wow.. that's alot!"

hehe.. TV can't match those two ads!

-- Arthur (, June 14, 2000.

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