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Okay, here's a bit of a weird question for everyone.

I've never really known whether i liked Tori Amos. As far as i'm aware, i've only ever heard "Cornflake Girl" and i'm not overly fond of it.

However, i got curious because so MANY people just love her (about the same amount as those who hate her, i believe!) and i wondered about it. So i just downloaded "Crucify" and i love it. What a great song.

Any suggestions as to some of her best songs? If i find that i like her enough i may buy one of her albums next payday.

-- Sherry (, June 02, 2000


Sure, if you want to make me a mixed tape of stuff you think i may enjoy or that i should hear, that would be cool.

E-mail me if you're still interested.

-- Sherry (, June 07, 2000.

If you liked "Crucify", then you will more than likley LOVE the albums Little Earthquakes or Under the Pink. It's very unique to any of her other albums. Her current music is MUCH different from her older music.. But I'll let you make the judgment call on which you like better.

If I had to list a few of my favorite Tori songs, I'd say:

Pretty Good Year (from Under the Pink - It "hits" for a breif moment of anger in the middle of the song.)

Winter (from Little Earthquakes - It's very sweet, and you can almost hear her cry in the middle of it.)

Crucify (from Little Earthquakes)

Iiieee (from From the Choirgirl Hotel - Unlike any older Tori, but very cool, none the less)

Jackie's Strength (from From the Choirgirl Hotel - The most recent song that feels like her older stuff)

Hope this helps a little bit.

-- Angela (, June 03, 2000.

yay for tori. YAY FOR TORI. sometimes i think she gets. whiny, dare i say it . . . but i love her anyway. favorite songs-- playboy mommy (choirgirl hotel); muhammed my friend (boys for pele); hey jupiter (boys for pele), haunting and beautiful; pretty good year (under the pink) . . .and a bunch more. HEY! do you want me to make you a tori mix tape? i could do that!! i would love to do that!

-- jacqui (, June 05, 2000.

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