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I would like to find other Doulas in the Minneapolis, MN area to start a group of us where we can talk, ask questions, share ideas, etc. I am in the certification process right now (DONA) and would like other new Doulas to talk with.

-- Andrea Eastman (frankie@wavetech.net), May 24, 2000


Hi Andrea, my name is Kristi. I too am in the process of certification(with ALACE.) Currently I am living in Alaska, but I am going to be moving to MN in less than a year. My family is actually moving to the Duluth area. I have been searching for other doulas and childbirth educaters in MN. I didn't find anybody in Duluth yet, but I saw names of women on some other web sites. You can try www.birthworks.org, www.birthpower.com, www.dona.org, or you could call ALACE at 1-888 22ALACE to locate some other doulas. I would be very interested in a state wide doula group. Please keep me informed of any sucess you have or if you need any more help. I hope this info will be of help for you. Kristi

-- kristi bodick (kbodick@hotmail.com), July 06, 2000.

I am looking for Antepartum Doulas, Postpartum doulas, and Midwives in Louisiana. If you know of any or if you are one can you pleasse send me your info so I can add it to a list of referrals. This info is very helpful to me because I am the CAPPA LA State Rep. and have to supply a list of referrasl when I get a request.


Michelle Schnaars, CCCE Labor Doula Childbirth Educator

-- Michelle Schnaars (michelleschnaars.1@juno.com), May 30, 2004.

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