I know a film you should check out...

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Actually, the film's not in theaters yet. It's an independent film that was filmed up in Seattle last year, and the director is still trying to scrape the money together to finish fine-tuning the editing.

It's called No Extra Day. It's about the closing of a good video store -- the kind of store where the employees know every movie in the place by heart, everyone speaks in movie quotes.. (the kind of place where you could walk up to an employee, say "I'm looking for that movie with that guy from the hitman high-school reunion thingie," and with a few quick questions, they'd know which movie you were looking for). They are forced to close by a large chain employing people whose movie knowledge ends at Batman and Robin.

You should check it out.

-- iron balls mcginty (ironballsmcginty@hotmail.com), May 22, 2000

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