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Yes, it's me...please don't hit me with Gabby's stick, I sent an apology. Anyway, some suggestions for the site to link to? Whoosh!, Tom's Xena Page, Missy Good's Fan Fic, Aussie Xenite Information Page, Xena Online Resources, and the Official site (though that's mostly commercial). The rest are excellent choices (especially Whoosh!, my personal has great analysis of the show). Go to Missy's page for some *terrific* alt fic. A little warning though...Missy's work holds the unwavering viewpoint that Xena and Gabrielle are quite a bit more than friends. Nothing more than PG-13, but if that stuff shies you, stick with Whoosh and Tom's Page is mostly out of comission now (he unofficially retired), and Xena Online Resources contains thousands of links to other sites...not very purposeful. But then again, what on the Internet is? :)

-- Freya Lorelei (, May 20, 2000

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