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Welcome to the online Ko Un translation circle!

This first topic is to introduce you to the sytem and how it works, and for us to introduce ourselves and our interests.

If you "answer" this "thread," your response will remain on the website, in the order in which it was posted, like a bulletin board. It also will send you postings via e-mail.

You can use HTML (imbed links, highlight, italicize, etc.) and even post in Korean ... !!!!!

My name is Gary Gregory Gach. I started this thread, and this circle, for the open exchange of information involved in the translation of Ko Un from Korean. You can find out more than ever cared to know about me through my email.

May the power given to us to use benefit us and all humanity -- and all beings!

May the blessings of the universe be upon us!!

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2000

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