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hi all, ive been working as a Doula for a few months, attended 3 births so far, and im wondering if anyone would mine sharing an example of forms they may have( i havent used one thus far but feel i need to start, just to cover my butt:) for parents to sign soo you are clear of any liabilty...i also havent been charging anyone:) as the people i've felt needed my help would nto be able to afford my services, so my other question is how do you get a small business going? i dont feel like ordering all those business starting books of the net or trips to library sooo help on this would be appreciated, i went through training and classes but have decided not to get certified, was offered a job with a birthign center later this year but i really dotn want to work FOR someone else but myself! what kind of license would i need to start this business? thanks:0 Lorie, south Texas area

-- Lorie Martinez (, May 16, 2000


Lori, If you still have the paperwork for your certifying organization(was it DONA?) they have examples of doula contracts there that you can use. I used DONA's where it tells what a doula does & does not do, but I modified it to reflect a different fee and payment schedule. I really think that's enough. If your clients understand that you don't do anything medical (including giving advice) then you can't be held liable. But you could put that in if you want to. Even so, if a baby dies, and the parents decide to sue, the lawyers will sue everyone that was in the room at the time - whether or not you have a sgnature. Personally, I couldn't do this work if I was worried about that. To start a business, all you need is a business license which you can get from your division of small business branch.

hope this is helpful!

-- Lesley Nelson, CD, ICCE (, May 26, 2000.

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