what do you wanna be?

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what do you want to be when you grow up?

I used to want to be a marine biologist, until I realised it was more than just swimming with dolphins, now i want to be a park ranger but I'll have my back up engineering degree.

-- spike (spike@jeppeson.com), May 11, 2000


i would like to be a DJ for a radio station, in my area, and then become something even better

-- Kyle (psychotic_mage@@bored.com), May 11, 2000.

I have no real plans. I figure get as much of an education as I possibly can (yes, boys and girls, years and years of school left for me) and then see who hires me! Any offers? =)

-- meg (megea@stanford.edu), May 11, 2000.

The leader of a thirld world country. Duh.

-- Nae (nae@quietones.com), May 14, 2000.

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