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Does anyone have a good experiential activity that helps people understand the concept of "Cooperation"?


-- Larry Chambers (, May 10, 2000


Every body knows it, but strictly a lot don4t want to use it. That4s the priority in closed cultural values, we4re going there! How can we manage it? Modifying external values structure. Amazed or confused? No, changes must be taken as good as possible. That4s the priority in "the new cooperation activities of work teams and all life teams", as simple as a good comunication.

-- Abel Gallardo O. (, May 16, 2000.

I would suggest compiling a few questions that the members first have to answer individually, and then they answer them as a group. The goal is to prove that the answers were better as a group than they were as an individual. I was exposed to this method when I was part of a Chamber of Commerce Visioning Group and it really makes the point. Hope this helps!

-- Penny A. Smith (, September 28, 2000.

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