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I facilitate a work team of approx. 35 team members in the manufacture of telecommunications systems. Unfortunately our Quality indices have fallen below our objectives. After trying other methods of improvements, I have made the decision to look into developing a corrective action process to address poor quality performers. Can anyone guide me to some corrective action processes for benchmarking and/or to get an idea of what would be a fair process to all involved?

thank you........

-- Shelby Stephenson (, April 22, 2000


Benchmarking is only information to uses in a better way, is not a conclusion determining enterprises itself. I suggest to apply a good team group improvement as "Quality and Productive Circle", then you can take the benchmarking results, and make a "roud table" with all persons involved in the work team.Then extract the better ideas resulting from the team analysis and sinthetize a structure of a message comprehensive to all members of the work team, and then let the team to applies by therselves the internal construction of their own result, and let them go to optimize the new attitude. This is the first part, but objetives will be in their personal goals and that is necessary to your objetives too.

-- Abel Gallardo O. (, May 17, 2000.

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