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Hey Jones...


-- LIGHT (, April 21, 2000


Sure , fine , constructive, helpful, dead useful, maybe, might do, can be, are we sure this is the right planet, are we human , is there anyone out there, and now for a huge deficit of memory, and why does evryone keep ripping the whole race off...answer...cause its too stoned to notice the thiefs...who let it all into consumption cause it suits them, and while we were not looking they turned everything on the planet into marketed shares...and then bought them for themselves. No wonder half the worlds starving. EEE AWWWW INDEED NIgel

-- Nigel M Jones (, August 02, 2000.

hey , wazzon then dudes....//?????????????????????????? whats all the crackers then..??

-- bob the spliff (, July 27, 2001.

Bollocks! Pull a BONG, CUNTING!

-- RiK (, October 07, 2001.

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