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This is my problem. I created a flash navigation that I can't seem to get working on my frameset-you all saw it on review day. I'm still wrestling with this problem. I insert the .swf flash file that was published from flash into the top frame in the frameset. When I try to preview the frameset with the inserted .html files (the published flash file), my browsers, both netscape 4 and IE 4, give me an error message saying that it is unable to locate those .html files that I placed in the frameset--and they're both lodated in the same directory as the frameset. HARRGH! I'm emailing Joe a screen shot of my DW screen.

-- Rich Pascual (, April 11, 2000


OK, the 2 glaring problems I see are:

1) Both of your frame sources are Site relative... that is the SRC attributes begin with a forward slash, IE: ", April 11, 2000.

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