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I have just completed training and will be attending my first birth shortly. What kinds of items (massagers, hot/cold packs, etc.) should I buy for my "Doula bag?" What are the basic necessities to start with? Thank you.

-- Jan (, April 11, 2000


Jan, I have 2 rice socks, a gardner's kneeling pad (the one item I wouldn't want to be without!), massage oils, cornstarch, tennis balls, massage tools (Happy Massager, Polar Roller, etc.), Dura-Kold ice pack, food for me, hi-energy snacks for mom, ginger tea & and Emergen-C for mom, various aromatherapy oils, and a selection of CD's. And I bring my birth ball.

That's my bag o'tricks - but we rarely use anything other than the kneeling pad and rice socks.

-- Lesley Nelson, CD, ICCE (, May 25, 2000.

Yes, you can ues your doula ball after labor. The doula ball is also called a phsyio ball (exercise ball) with a variety of sizes and color. We use the balls in therapy at my work place. Now, I have heard about the rice socks, but what kind of rice and how long can you heat it up in the microwave? Have you heard of feed corn in your sock? I know you can heat for up to 4 minutes, and it does not pop! And the best way for a quick ice pack use a latex glove and put it inside out and add ice. Tie up with rubber band or something. By the way, where do you buy a Doula bag? In Michigan? Nice talking to you. Trish

-- Trish (, January 14, 2001.

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