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Eh, how come no mo any chick bartendahs? I know dis one chick, she one hottie, she work at Pipeline only on Sundays...she one hot chick bartendah! :o) I'm going to e-mail all of my friends with your website, all 2 of my friends! :o) Way to go, congrats on the cool website! Love you guys! jewels

-- Julie K. Alejado (sisjewels@aol.com), April 11, 2000


you are so right. gender equity is muy necessito. content is a little like in general cuz we just started we want but once we get going we'll have as many chick bartenders as possible. this Pipeline hottie, would i know her? maybe when she gets back from the mainland we can put her on the page. unless she runs off to the chapel of the silver bells at the nevada state line and does something rash.

-- boyce (boycebrown@hotmail.com), April 15, 2000.

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