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My aunt Jeanette was talking about either my Grandmother or great-Grandmother (Ma-mere?) being a bookie.

Aunt Jeanette doesnt have email, but she is an excellent writer. How about one of her kids get her to tell us a little more about that? She could write it out, or make an audio tape.

BTW, for you Chicago folks, Sandy (Iser) Passmore has a videotape of Bob, Dick, Bill, Jan (my mom) and Jerry Schwingel reminiscing about old times. Be sure to have her make you a copy. Florida Schwingels, I have a copy.

Also, let's interview Uncle Dick, Uncle Bob, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Jeanette with a cassette recorder. Send me the tape and I will post an audio file on the internet.

-- Anonymous, March 30, 2000

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